What is Vertical Wellness' Fast-Acting Absorption™?

What is Vertical Wellness' Fast-Acting Absorption™?

 Vertical Wellness’s proprietary Fast Acting Absorption technology stimulates the body’s ability to absorb CBD directly through the hair follicles (for Topicals) or into the Upper GI system (for Ingestibles), bypassing liver processing which increases speed & efficacy.

Hyper Dermal Absorption

Skin permeation is necessary for optimal performance of topically applied lotions, creams and serums. The Fast-Acting Absorption™ is formulated for quick and efficient absorption into the bloodstream through hair follicles. 


Follicular transport contributes significantly to the penetration and absorption of topically applied substances. Hair follicles are conduits into your bloodstream and our patent-pending science utilizes these follicular pathways, just below the surface of your skin, allowing for almost immediate bio-availability. This delivery method quickly and efficiently distributes our hemp-infused, nature-based topical creams and serums providing restorative hydration, anti-aging effects and relief.


Fast-Acting Absorption™ Science

The Fast-Acting Absorption™ allows for fast uptake and absorption of CBD into the upper gastrointestinal tract. As the forumla is ingested, key receptor sites are triggered along the upper GI tract resulting in a fast-acting, soothing and calming effect.

Ineffective Approach

Traditional cannabis-infused edibles are absorbed slowly and inefficiently through the entire gastrointestinal tract which results in a significant delay and inefficient absorption of cannabinoids.

Cannabinoid absorption through the gastrointestinal tract can only occur once the edible has reached the small intestine and liver.

Known as the First Pass Effect, gastro-uptake edibles typically have a known bioavailability of between 4 and 12% with an average of around 6%. This means that only about 6% of a product’s total cannabinoid content will get absorbed into the bloodstream.


Proprietary, Fast-Acting Absorption™

Our desire to achieve faster effects and promote more accurate dosing of cannabis-infused edibles is based on proprietary science that resulted in a ground-breaking, patented formula. 

Unlike other cannabis-infused edibles, our products employ technology that allows for fast absorption of CBD in the Upper GI tract.

Our revolutionary formula accelerates bio-availability of cannabinoids upon ingestion into the soft palate and esophagus lining. Key cannabinoid receptor sites are triggered along the path to the stomach resulting in more significant CBD absorption of 5 to 6 times higher than other edibles.